Ruger No. 1
Ruger No.1
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Ruger No.1


Ruger’s No 1 rifle features a strong, simple, compact falling-block breech mechanism with artillery-style breechblock and under-lever. The sliding tang safety provides instant security, and the receiver forms a rigid support for the barrel, stock and breech block. The Ruger scope mounting system with quarter-rib internal scope base is included. This Sporter model features an American walnut stock and a carbon steel receiver and barrel.

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About Ruger No.1

The Ruger No.1 was introduced in 1967 and its single-shot design, with a falling-block action. It gives a very strong lock-up not dissimilar to the old English Farquharson rifle.

Bill Ruger was a visionary industrial designer and a visionary firearms designer. For example, he saw the potential in the Japanese Nambu pistol that most reviewers created his classic Ruger Standard.

Trigger and Safety

  • Like most good single-shot rifle designs, the Ruger No.1 is simple and uncluttered, with nice clean lines to its profile.
  • The trigger, sear, and safety of the Ruger No.1
 are within the tang section 
at the rear. This means that the entire design of the receiver area is compact. With no visible external pins or screws to mar the appearance. And only the 
mainspring housed outside the action. This sits on a welded section 
to the front of the receiver. Which 
not only houses the ejector spring 
but also serves as an attachment 
base for the fore-end.
  • The only visible external screw 
is that of the pivot pin. Which secures the Farquharson-style lever. This finger-lever latches directly onto the trigger guard. Which precludes the painful act of wedging your finger between the trigger and the lever.
  • In order to open the breech of the Ruger No.1, you move the lever downward. Thereby unlatching it from the guard, and begins the downward movement of the breechblock. When the breechblock is level with the exposed rear end of the barrel, the final downward movement of the lever works the extraction of 
a spent case, with the last few degrees of movement initiating an offset toggle that hits the extractor and kicks the case rearward clear of the action.
  • The Ruger No.1 has a small screw on the fore-end bridge of the Ruger No.1 that can vary the force of the extraction process so reloaders do 
not have to go fumbling around in 
the mud after precious brass.

Barrel, sights, and stock

Ruger No.1 Tropical rifles are available as light Sporters, varmints, or tropical gun configurations, but this medium Sporter version with open sights and barrel band is perfect as it stops that recoil cutting your hand if the sling was placed on the fore-end as on 
a normal rifle. The Ruger’s No.1 barrel is 24in long, and the barrel diameter is 0.674in at the muzzle and not threaded.


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  1. Furman

    If you are looking for a great rifle then go ahead and purchase this piece at gunsdeal cuz its great easy to use

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