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Many new firearms are test fired at the factory. You may notice residual powder, rotation marks on revolver cylinders, residual cosmoline which sometimes appears to look like rust, etc. All firearms sold as “new” are in fact new in box as received from the manufacturer or distributor and include new manufacturers warranty….no exceptions.

Any used, factory refurbished, refurbished pre-owned, show guns, or guns in any other condition than new in box will be clearly marked as such on the website.

Federal law allows sales of long guns to persons 18 or older, and of handguns to persons 21 or older. We are currently working on the technical ability to allow both age restrictions to be applied appropriately, but until that capability is in place, we are forced to place an age restriction of 21 on all firearm sales. We hope to have this fixed soon.

Once an order is placed, we are unable to change or add to an existing order. 

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order. If you would like to cancel, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can review your order. 

If you purchased a firearm, this means we are waiting on the supplier of your gun to confirm that they still have the inventory available. If we are unable to fulfill your order immediately, we will find another source or refund your money in full if we cannot find an exact substitute in a timely manner.

If you purchased other accessories or merchandise, this means we are waiting for your order to ship. accepts, Cryptocurrency and all major credit cards for payment. For more information on financing, please visit our payment page.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept PayPal. (please contact us for PayPal payments)

PayPal refuses to process payments for firearms or ammunition. Per their web site:

“We don’t allow PayPal members to buy or sell any kind of firearm, whether it’s in working order or not. The same goes for certain firearm parts and ammunition.

For example, using PayPal, you can’t buy or sell:

  • Any firearm, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they’re for sport and recreation, collectibles, or curio or relic firearms.
  • Firearm parts, including but not limited to receivers and frames, silencers, and kits designed to modify guns so that they fire automatically. High capacity magazines, multi-burst trigger activators, and camouflaging firearm containers are other items in this category.
  • Ammunition, including propellants like gunpowder or blank ammunition; ammunition or cartridge cases; and primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm.”

To provide greater safety, security and assurance for our customers, Guns Deals now automatically includes Package Protection at a flat rate as part of our shipping and delivery services for all Products ordered from the Site.

For more information visit: Package protection

No, Guns Deal will contact your local FFL, obtain a copy of their license, and verify that it is still current. We take all the hard work off your plate that other retailers make you do!

No. Per Federal Law, all firearms must be sent directly to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) gun store. will make sure that we ship your firearm to a proper FFL gun store closest to your home address.

Due to firearm regulations the Customer name must be the intended recipient of the firearm, meaning no one can pick up the firearm but you–the actual purchaser.  If this information doesn’t match, your order can be delayed or canceled with fees.  Simply put, no one can accept transfer of a firearm except you, the actual buyer.

Our return policy allows for item(s) return and your choice of a full refund or replacement item(s).  However, we do have a couple simple requirements for processing a return.

1.  Firearms – It is solely the customers responsibility to thoroughly inspect the firearm(s) at the FFL prior to accepting the transfer.  If there is a noticeable defect of any kind to the firearm, or associated case/contents, please simply refuse the transfer and we will arrange to have the firearm returned to us, at our expense, and issue the customer a full refund or replacement firearm if available.  If the customer accepts the transfer from the FFL, we can then only refer the customer to the manufacturer for warranty consideration.

2.  Accessories – ALL accessories found to be defective immediately upon receipt, must be returned to for refund or replacement.  Please contact us and we will immediately arrange for a prepaid UPS label to be emailed to you for the return of the defective item at our expense.  Some accessories are shipped factory direct.  If you take it upon yourself to return items to the factory, it is very possible that we will not receive credit for those items and therefore will not be able to issue you credit/replacement.    

Although the transfer fee varies widely among the +58,000 FFL holders nationwide, the average fee tends to be around $25.  For their exact transfer fee, please contact your chosen FFL directly. 


Don’t worry, is here for you 7 days a week during our normal business hours, or if you prefer, fill out this form or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes. never sells or shares any of your personal information unless you have specifically selected the option to receive offers from those partners. For full information on our Privacy Policy, click here.

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Meditation williamsburg kogi blog bushwick pitchfork polaroid austin dreamcatcher narwhal taxidermy tofu gentrify aesthetic.

We appreciate your interest in joining the Guns deal’s team. If there’s an opening, positions are posted on Zip Recruiter and Facebook. We are looking for qualified staff and any firearms knowledge/experience is a plus, but not required. Please apply to the appropriate position that you’re interested in via it’s respective ad. As well, we do not accept unsolicited phone calls about the application process.

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