Ruger GP100
Ruger GP100
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Ruger GP100



Ruger’s GP100 revolver features a triple-locking cylinder that is locked into the frame at the front, rear, and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation.  The grip frame design easily accommodates a wide variety of custom grips. This Standard model has a stainless steel 3 barrel, frame, and cylinder.

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Ruger GP100

Ruger GP100 is a rugged and reliable double-action revolver that serves equally well for field carry in the outdoors, home defense, law enforcement, or target shooting. The GP100 revolver is built on a robust, medium/heavy frame of stainless steel.


The good thing about maintaining this gun is that it’s pretty easy to do.  You certainly don’t have to disassemble this weapon to do a routine cleaning. Cleaning consists of swinging the cylinder out and running a patch and a bore brush through the barrel and the chambers. Some light lube and you’re done.

Safety and Reliability

Ruger makes a fine revolver, Pull the trigger, it goes bang. In regards to safety, the GP100 has no manual safety on it, but it does have a transfer bar safety system which prevents the hammer from hitting the firing pin without the trigger first being pulled all the way to the rear. Ruger GP100 for Sale

That is you can drop it without it going off.  The only other thing you can equally call a safety feature is the double-action trigger pull, which comes in at about a quarter-mile.

Comfort and Recoil

Ruger GP100 is a heavy gun, so there’s an upside and a downside. The downside is that it’s heavy. Not heavy enough to where you have a hard time holding it up, but heavy enough to know you’re holding a block of steel in your hands.

The upside is that a heavy gun has less recoil. Shooting .38 specials out of this thing is like shooting a .22.  You barely feel it. On the other hand, you WILL feel the recoil of .357 mags. Ruger GP100 for Sale

10 reviews for Ruger GP100

  1. Valerie Chambers

    Excellent site, great range, very good prices, very easy to navigate site.

    Very quick despatch and delivery.

  2. robert

    A 5star is what I’ll give for a smooth delivery, if you are looking for a smooth delivery I recommend you try this site they are really good

  3. Joseph

    Happy with my purchase and shipping time wasn’t too bad.

  4. Mathew garry

    I bought this gun for my wife and she loves it. It’s been pretty easy to pick up. Would recommend it to anyone thinking about purchasing their first firearm.

  5. Anonymous

    I am one happy customer! Bought a GP100, and loved it! Delivery was fast and very well wrapped, no complaints.

  6. Mehwish Zahid

    Great products and deals!

    Fast Shipping which is always a plus!

    Two thumbs up definitely!!

  7. Anonymous

    Speedy service. Good price and excellent site!!

  8. Joanne Calcutt

    Had a really good experience, came within a couple of days, very good price, overall really happy customer ???? will shop here again

  9. Edmond Bryan

    The pistol is awesome. My bro got hooked into it and will buy soon.

  10. Josh Campbel

    After reading and watching reviews on this gun I decided to purchase it. The price was reasonable and it was in stock at a time when in-stock is becoming an issue. After firing at the range I knew I made the right decision. It’s easy to use and break down. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a decent value weapon.

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