Marlin 1894
Marlin 1894

Marlin 1894


Until you’ve held and shot a Marlin 1894 Lever Action Rifle, you don’t know what a lever-action Rifles can be. The ultra-smooth cycling and solid feel are created through a superior receiver design, the finest materials and a flawless meshing of these h

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The Marlin 1894 features a revolutionary lever-fire system with repeat-fire capability. Meanwhile, The Marlin Model 1894 for sale included a new locking bolt and two-piece firing pin. Coupled with an improved one-piece trigger and a short receiver that enabled cartridge compatibility with 1888 and 1889 models.

The original lever-action 1894 Model was a typical Marlin lever action design for the time with a square bolt, solid top action, and color case finish on the receiver. Rifle, musket, and carbine versions of the Marlin 1894 44 mag were produced.

Marlin 1894 Features

The advent of powerful magnum revolver cartridges, first the Marlin 1894 357 Mag and later the Marlin 1894 44 Mag, renewed interest in the concept, and the folks at Marlin realized that there was once again money to be made selling rifles for pistol cartridges.

Rather than design a new action, they wisely put their excellent Model 1894 back into production. The new rifles came with blued rather than color-cased actions and were made of superior modern steel, but otherwise were similar to the original Marlin Model 1894 for sale.

It is chambered in 44 Rem Mag with a 10-shot capacity via the tubular magazine, is a handy size, and can easily take down predators, deer, and hogs. The solid-top receiver for scope mounts, while other features include side ejection, hammer block safety, and swivel studs. This Marlin 1894 357 is in very good condition and has a scope base and hammer extension.


  • Blued steel barrel and receiver
  • Straight-grip, walnut stock
  • Ballard style rifling
  • 10-round magazine tube
  • Drilled and tapped receiver
  • Adjustable sights
  • Crossbolt safety

This is an ideal lever-action rifle for hunting deer, hogs, or black bears at close to a medium range or defending yourself against potential threats in the backcountry. The 1894 has a blued steel barrel and receiver and a straight-grip, walnut stock. The 20″ barrel has Ballard-style rifling to handle all types of bullets—cast or jacketed. The full-length magazine tube holds 10 rounds of powerful .44 magnum cartridges.

The receiver utilizes side ejection, which simplifies scope mounting, and the gun comes drilled and tapped for attaching a scope mount. The Marlin 1894 features a semi-buckhorn, folding rear side, and a brass bead front sight, protected by a Wide-scan hood.

A receiver-mounted cross-bolt safety effectively blocks the hammer from hitting the firing pin. Meanwhile, sling swivel studs allow for the attachment of a rifle sling. That is for convenient carry in the field with the hands-free. This is a traditional lever-action rifle that’s quick handling and delivers rapid-fire with a powerful cartridge.

2 reviews for Marlin 1894

  1. Daniels

    Excellent rifle! I have been running nothing but hand reloads thru this rifle for the past 2 years. Quality, fit, finish are excellent. Functionality is excellent, tear-down to receiver/barrel is very easy. Feed mechanism sensitive to overall length of .44 specials. Hard hitting, parts & online schematics readily available. Cross bolt safety doesn’t take away from the classic look of this rifle. Thanks gunsdeal

  2. junior pope

    I love this gun! I bought it to have a rifle chambered in the same caliber as my revolvers. I’ve put about 50 rounds of HSM 305 Gas Check Bear Loads and 240 grain Wad Cutters through it without any problems whatsoever. With a slip-on butt pad, the recoil is negligible. This gun is fun to shoot and accurate out of the box. GREAT GUN thus far.

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