Walther PPS M2
Walther PPS M2

Walther PPS M2


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The Walther PPS, or Police Pistol Slim, is a compact, single-stack 9mm or 40 S&W handgun. However, the 9mm Gen 1, or M1 model, stands in the spotlight. The Walther PPS is a credible self-defense tool for armed citizens and law enforcement officers alike. The PPS proved to be an exceptional performer.

These days, the single stack 9mm handgun is everywhere. It’s a gun produced by every major company and is a favorite for concealed carry. In 2007, however, the Walther PPS 9mm was unique and one of the forebears of the future of concealed carry pistols. The Walther PPS M2 was a small but potent gun that showed a ton of innovation, especially for the time it came to be.

The Walther PPS M2 has a striker-fired design similar to the classic Glock 17. It lacks any form of external safety, though it has trigger safety and internal firing pin safety. The gun was initially marketed for the plainclothes police forces in Europe but found a home in the holster of the American concealed carrier.

While the PPK was a groundbreaking compact pistol in its time, current technology makes the heavy, all-metal-frame, double-action/single-action PPK seem hopelessly dated, so the PPS’ polymer frame and striker-fired operation served as welcome advancements in Walther’s line. In response to the popularity of the PPS in both the law enforcement and concealed-carry markets, Walther refined the design with the introduction of the PPS M2.



While small enough to be a single stack, it feels more like a regularly sized handgun.


Allows you to always know when you’re ready to fire.


Set to a carry-appropriate 6.1lbs.


Although only 1″ wide, it’s a comfortable shoot especially with the 8 Rd magazine. And it makes the gun super easy to carry.

As eluded to in the introduction, the Walther PPS M2 for sale is physically small like a carry gun should be but handles itself more like a compact or full size.  The grip’s ergonomics fit most hands comfortably and the option of three magazine lengths furthers that.  Short-barreled pistols like the PPS M2 require shorter recoil assemblies which means the manufacturer must choose between a stiffer spring that might impact reliability and be harder to rack but offer greater shooter comfort or go the opposite direction.

The spring of the PPS M2 is on the stiffer side and yet with more than a dozen loads tested.  You won’t experience any reliability issues. The Walther PPS M2 behaves more like a comfortable bigger gun than a single-stack 9mm.

One place that the Walther PPS M2 for sale does differ from other Walthers is however the trigger.  At 6.1 lbs of pull, the trigger is slightly heavier and also feels a little longer than what most folks envision with the name “Walther”.


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